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Product Roadmaps Relaunched: Workshop at Productized Lisbon

  • 85B Avenida Defensores de Chaves Lisboa, Lisboa, 1000-116 Portugal (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

Ask 10 people what a product roadmap is and you will get 10 different answers! This artifact is often misunderstood, yet an incredibly powerful if done right. Creating a great one is part art and part science. In this full-day session, we will talk through the purposes of a roadmap and a process for establishing your product’s vision, gaining alignment with your stakeholders, validating themes, and presenting to upper-level execs in order to maximize your team’s impact.

Key questions to answer include:

  • What are the differences between product strategy, a product roadmap and a feature release plan?

  • How do I relate my product work to business objectives?

  • How can I balance the need to plan, while staying lean and agile?

  • How do I look beyond the next quarter without over-committing?

  • How do I confirm projects or initiatives that have not been fully validated by customers?

  • How do I manage stakeholders and their pressure/influence?

  • How do I prioritize what product aspects to work on 1st, 2nd, 3rd…?

  • What’s the best way to present a product roadmap to my stakeholders?

PRODUCTIZED LISBON 2019: The Product Thinking Conference

At Productized Conference 2019 you will enjoy a series of honest lessons and practical tips all based in the heart of Portugal. This annual conference gathers thought-leaders on Product Thinking, Product Management, and User Experience pros on November 21-22.