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Using Roadmaps & OKRs to achieve your Product Vision Workshop at Leading the Product Melbourne

  • Pullman on the Park, Grand Ballroom Level 1 192 Wellington Parade East Melbourne, VIC, 3002 Australia (map)
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Product roadmaps get a bad rap – and for good reason. The traditional product roadmap isn’t flexible enough for Lean and Agile methods and is often light on strategic context. We worry that we will underdeliver on our roadmap promises, or worse, deliver on our promises only to see things fail in the market. Many Product people have abandoned roadmaps altogether but are left with a nagging sense that they are missing the big picture.

We claim to “build, measure, learn”, but in reality we “build, ship, build, ship, build, ship.” This phenomenon typically gets attributed to bad roadmaps when really it’s too much focus on outputs, rather than desired outcomes.

Fortunately, there’s a new a new breed of product roadmap which focuses on results rather than features and dates. Based on Bruce’s best-selling new book Product Roadmapping Relaunched: Setting Product Direction While Embracing Uncertainty (O’Reilly, November 2017), Bruce will explain why the new approach to roadmapping works and how you can relaunch roadmapping in your organisation, leverage OKRs to measure progress, and gain buy-in from your key stakeholders.

What you’ll learn:

  • How roadmaps and OKRs are the perfect partner tools to set a course and then track progress toward achieving your product vision.

  • The different components of a product roadmap, focusing on problems to solve, rather than features to ship.

  • How to get your stakeholders on board – because the best plan in the world is useless if you don’t have alignment from your stakeholders.

  • Practical exercises that lead you through the process of crafting compelling roadmaps and using OKRs to keep you on course to great results.

  • How to use roadmaps to communicate strategy.

  • How to leverage a proven framework and set of techniques for developing, communicating, and gaining alignment on your product direction.

Don’t assume that agile and lean methods exempt you from clearly defining or tracking progress toward your vision, intent and direction!

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