Product Coaching


Product management is already one of the hardest jobs in business. Leading a product management team is an order of magnitude harder. 

Giving Product People the Tools they Need to Lead

  • Get people excited about a clear and inspiring vision

  • Work across the organization to establish strategic business objectives

  • Develop and communicate a compelling product roadmap

  • Define expectations for product management and rules of engagement with peers

  • Manage expectations with the CEO, the Board, and key customers

  • Balance investment across portfolios, life cycles, and growth horizons

  • Hire, fire, mentor, and promote fairly and transparently

Who Needs a Product Leadership Coach?

Anyone can benefit from feedback from a mentor, but there are inflection points where guidance is highly leveraged.

  • New Promotions— Product management veterans often need help mastering next-level skills when promoted to leadership positions.

  • Founders— Many founders find they need to add new disciplines to their skill set when they focus on product management.

  • Lateral Moves— Executives in other disciplines need to strengthen new muscles when taking on this highly-strategic, integrative role.

  • New to the Profession— Let us work with you to master the key skills for Product success.

Learn from Masters

Bruce McCarthy is the Founder of Product Culture and President Emeritus of the Boston Product Management Association. He’s been called the face of Boston product management. He has held product leadership positions at NetProspex, Oracle, ATG, D&B, and iMarket. Bruce and his team work with executives at companies such as Vistaprint, Localytics, Zipcar, Johnson & Johnson, WeTransfer, Shopfully, and Huawei, helping them to achieve their product visions.  Bruce is an internationally recognized thought leader and speaker on product culture, roadmapping, prioritization, OKRs, cross-functional teams, and leadership. 

Coaching to Make You a More Effective Leader

We provide guidance based on years of experience, but also help you identify and leverage your own strengths. We work together to assess where you are and where you need to be. We meet regularly to measure progress, work through challenges, and set weekly goals.


Nicole Hardin.png

“Bruce has an amazing command of the Product Management space. He has practical advice grounded in experience and logic. His passion for the field is unmatched and you would be hard pressed to find someone who was more committed to helping others succeed with their products. I highly recommend taking advantage of his wisdom.”  —Nicole Hardin, Director Product Management, Sage

Brian Jordan.png

“Bruce quickly grasped my project and explained how to improve my approach. If you need help with product development, I recommend chatting with Bruce ASAP.” —Brian Jordan, Founder, Coding for Interviews

Noah Fram-Schwartz.png

“Bruce's advice was second to none and his extensive experience as a product guy was invaluable. I seriously recommend talking with Bruce if you want to better understand product development.” —Noah Fram-Schwartz, Executive VP, 九游官方网站正版home labs 

Johannes Scharlach.png

“Bruce gave me just the advice I needed so much. He shared his own experiences and provided me with tips that turned out to be very helpful some 24 hours later. Thank you so much!” —Johannes Scharlach, Founder, Herzgebraut

Jason Ketola.png

“Bruce provided excellent tips, insight, and resources for improving my practices. He's a clear expert in product management.”  —Jason Ketola, VP Product Development, MaxMind



“In just 30min Bruce helped us make the optimal choice that had kept us in meetings and agony for 3 weeks. If you have a product-related challenge, I strongly recommend that you talk to Bruce.” —Misha Sobolev, Founder and CEO, ExecFile

Need Help with your Product Leadership?

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