ONE THING on Product Grownup

Bruce McCarthy

"Sometimes product managers are asked to be the rational person, the grownup in the room. Others may be super optimistic, like salespeople or the CEO. Product people have to be imaginative, too, but also say, 'wait, let me break this down, we can’t do everything at once.' Product success is that level of imagination combined with an ability to plan your way there and to lead a team."

That's me talking with the hosts of podcast Product Momentum about leadership, innovation and SciFi. Do you see the job differently?

Two new online events, in different time zones.

  • I’m working with Business of Software to bring you two bite-size roadmapping workshops. Building Your Product Roadmap and Prioritising & Communicating Your Product Roadmap are in August.

  • APAC Product Roadmaps Masterclass, the Sequel. The August Masterclass sold out, so I opened a new session in September.