ONE THING on Sanity and Multiple Products 

Bruce McCarthy

For extra fun, some of you are in charge of multiple products in a company's portfolio. In theory, each product should add to profitability and the whole should be greater than the sum of its parts. In practice, companies tend to focus on Product 1, the biggest source of current revenue. Longer-term ideas and projects get kicked further down the road and Product 3 never becomes a reality.

I did a podcast with Chad McAllister about handling product portfolios here. What tricks do you use for balancing multiple products (and your sanity?) Discuss.

Two new online events, in different time zones for your beauty sleep:

  • I’m working with Business of Software to bring you two bite-size roadmapping workshops. Building Your Product Roadmap and Prioritising & Communicating Your Product Roadmap are in August.

  • APAC Product Roadmaps Masterclass, the Sequel. August Masterclass has sold out, so I opened a new session in September.