ONE THING on Team Enlightenment

Bruce McCarthy

I’m working on a model to describe the scope of a team. Teams can "own":

  • Tickets: Members are experts working on tickets, written by others, led by more experienced experts

  • Features: Technical teams delivering features requested by others, led by project managers

  • Products: Technical and UX teams delivering solutions to customer problems, led by product managers

  • Outcomes: Fully cross-functional teams driving toward business results, led by a new breed of product-oriented general manager

Outcome Teams are the next stage of team enlightenment. They exist to make a business successful. More and more companies have hired GMs to lead these teams who are really Product leaders on steroids. Engineering, U/X, Sales, and Marketing report to GMs directly to ensure alignment to these outcomes.

What do you think? How close is your team to enlightenment?

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