ONE THING on Product vs. Services

Bruce McCarthy

Customers often make suggestions: “If you could just move the save button a little to the left,” or “The Goals field needs to support up to 1,000 characters.”

Listening to customers is key to being a successful Product person. But so is knowing the difference between being a service organization catering to one customer at a time and a product organization serving a market. I give tips on this distinction in this article I wrote for the Boston Product Management Association. Do you know the difference? Tell me a story.

Time Zone Hopping
Today I'm wrapping up my Product Roadmaps Masterclass online class, which turned out great. We had students from Norway, Mexico, South Africa, Canada and the US. Lots of people wrote in asking for the course in various time zones. Thus: Product Roadmaps Masterclass - Virtual has returned, but friendlier to APAC sleep habits. Product people from Australia, New Zealand, Beijing, Singapore? Join us August 3-6. Want another time zone? Ping me.