ONE THING on Virtual Roadmaps

Bruce McCarthy

I was supposed to give a Roadmaps Masterclass in person to the Business of Software conference in March. Because of the virus, it ended up being virtual... and it turned into a fantastic course. I switched it from a full day workshop to smaller chunks: 2 hours a day, over 4 consecutive days. The reviews were splendid: NPS 80!

So now I am trying it with a new audience: Product Roadmaps Masterclass: - Virtual, the Sequel. I'll walk you through my process for establishing your product’s vision, prioritizing with business objectives, validating themes, gaining buy-in across stakeholders, and maximizing your team’s impact. Learn from short videos and collaborate with other students in small teams using tools like Zoom and Google Jamboard. Based on the best-selling book, Product Roadmaps Relaunched.

Date: June 15-18, 1-3p Eastern / 10a-noon Pacific

Care to join us? Early Bird and Team discounts. More detail:

What students in the Business of Software course said:
"I really loved the roadmap masterclass! Going to a conference or reading a book is nice and gives me a new perspective and insights, but creating a roadmap in practice helped me to understand the process thoroughly and gave me more confidence in what I've learnt during the masterclass. We are now using this process for our product development work at the Economist Intelligence Unit, and it's changed the way we work! It helps us to align and focus on the most significant problems to solve for our clients."
- Malwina Stepien, Product Manager at The Economist Intelligence Unit