ONE THING on Strategy in these Times

Bruce McCarthy

Do a roadmap, a set of OKRs, or other planning tools even apply in these times of uncertainty? You bet they do. Outcome-based planning gives you a framework to decide what is needed, align your teams, and focus their actions on what it will take to win in the current reality.

We’ve moved past simply working at 九游官方网站正版home to dealing with contingency planning, layoffs, furloughs, and salary reductions. How is your product strategy changing to match? It may be time to throw out the old objectives, but it’s critical to replace them with new, crisper objectives, metrics, and priorities. Example: Restaurant Point of Sale company Toast is investing in restaurants, giving away premium products to help their customers weather the storm.

What is your team doing to get ahead of the curve? Tell me your story.

On a similar theme, I gave a talk to the Business of Software conference a few weeks ago. The topic: Impossible Outcomes (And How To Achieve Them). You can see it here. I'd love your comments