ONE THING on Product New Year's Resolutions

Bruce McCarthy

2020 resolutions I would want for you as a product person:

  • Pick 1-3 big problems to focus my team on rather than a million small improvements

  • Get alignment on business objectives before I prioritize

  • Ship fewer features and reach more objectives

  • Learn from the results of every feature I ship before deciding on next steps

  • Understand my customers so well I could play them in the movie

  • Focus on making my customers awesome rather than keeping my engineers busy

What would you add? Discuss. 

A passing

I was honored to work closely with Mike Aeschliman and I know many people who feel the same. He asked hard questions in an approachable way. He supported people by helping them find their strengths. He listened. He had your back. He was a friend. I will try to live up to his example.